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Hello all


I am a hobby photographer from Switzerland, living near Zurich.


The desire to capture the beauties of nature and man-made accomplishments is a relaxing and enriching moment to find the right work-life balance to my daily job.  

With the age of 14 I started photographing airplanes with my first single lens reflex camera and did this as a plane spotter for more than twenty years. Beside getting an airplane on a slide it was also important to capturing the scene around as beautiful as possible. With the time, landscapes and cities became more of an interest and eventually I have changed my photographical focus to a new direction. Various travels to a number of different regions in the world generated the basis for my portfolio.


During the time as a plane spotter I was using mostly large autofocus tele zooms, they have been exchanged with fixed lenses, the majority of them with manual focus only. Today I am using a Nikon D800e and a number of different lenses of Zeiss, from 15mm to 135mm. Often, Lee filters are used as well.

Interesting and not expected I have received an assignment to photograph themes within aviation what brings me back somehow to the roots. It seems that I will follow the old beaten path again without giving up photographing landscapes, architecture or cities.

Used to the time where photographing was all done manually I still prefer to be outside than in front of a computer. The result on a slide or film roll was as good as the combination of photographer and equipment was, the options in processing were rather limited. Nowadays, however, often the photograph is just the basis and starting point to visualize individual styles. 

However, even today, I am convinced that for a good photograph a solid basis must be given and having this said I follow the quotation:

"The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it!"
Ansel Adams

... and I am still trying to do so.


More about me to be found in the this interview:

Thank you very much for your interest.

Andreas Agazzi

Andreas Agazzi Photography Aviato Architecture Landscapes Moment in Nature and Town
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